"A great trainer is only as good as his clients results and experience.


The client experience is the only thing that's important.


 It's so important that they achieve their goals in a way that they find inspiring and enjoyable".



I was in a dark place at the time when I first talked to Pete on the phone, I knew I had to do something about my health, but a recent bereavement had really caused me to forget about myself and my health.


Pete started coaching me and supporting me from the start, he helped me realise that I wasn’t only doing this for myself but also to set a good example to my children who also have been going through the grieving process.


The process has worked, it has been a resounding success, I am now a shining example to my whole family and my friends.

This is the third program I’ve done so far and every time I improve, I love it!


Pete is such a good trainer and coach, he really dials into your strengths and weaknesses to improve on both, he’s a highly motivational coach ensuring that any obstacles are quickly overcome which has lead me to some fantastic results.


6.4 kilos since last year with an increase in 1 kilo of muscle , and going from a metabolic age of 65 to 53, I mean that’s literally life extension !

Very happy to have completed the Hastings Half Marathon in around 2 hours and 20 minutes, beating my time 10 years ago😃

Very happy to have got a PB at Park Run this morning, less than a week after running the half marathon, my recovery has improved greatly.

the photo ABOVE :Results are in, body scan this morning reveals at week 5 of my latest health and fitness program with Peter Turnbull PT at Turnbull Training.

I Think you can see by our faces some brilliant results since I started last September, most noticeable and most important for me my metabolic age down by 12 years, waist size down by size 6cm, that’s moving down from a size 14 to a size 12, with this comes happiness in myself,

so gained physical and mental health on this program, so much more I could say but if you like what you see please check out the Turnbull Transformers page and read other people’s testimonies.

A big thank you to Pete Turnbull and what he has helped me achieve in just a few months


I was a little unsure at first about joining a “group fitness” thing, after going hard at it on my own really trying  to get motivated and “fit it in” around work and other commitments.


Luckily for me I gave it a go and I found it way more enjoyable than I expected, I mean of course Pete is going to say good things about his class, but really getting down there and taking part it was truly something else.

I mean I will be totally honest, I was really convinced by my best mate Viki to come to Turnbull Training as I think I was going through a bit of analysis paralysis, with all the other choices and options out there, it’s really hard sometimes to make the right decision.

All the fad diets and gym deals, other “boot camp” style classes, promising the world in a hand-basket. These just made it so hard to make the right choice or any choice at all.

I’m really happy that I listened to Viki, and of course Pete who is such a motivational and supportive instructor, you can really tell he knows his stuff and makes sure you get the results you want, in the time frame you want safely.


I’ll give you an example of this, in the second week I had a bit of a hip tweak that had come to the surface from a previous childbirth, working alongside the feedback from my chiropractor we were able to work together to keep up training and heal faster and bounce back stronger !

After just five weeks of hard but fun work I lost over 4 kilos of excess weight, I feel lighter and stronger, my partner has been noticing the drastic changes which I’m more than happy with, I feel amazing!


I just wish I could get to the last assessment to see my final results after six weeks which would be even better, but really you know what I’m so certain and feel so great I just know !

My advice to anyone who hasn’t decided and signed up, just do it, get it done, what are you waiting for ?!


I’m no stranger to boot camps, group training and a variety of fitness really, so kind of knew what to expect, I know how hard it is to find a coach and group that has a great supportive vibe.


After meeting Pete and his partner at a friend’s barbecue last year I loved his attitude and enthusiasm and also seemed to be able to still do social events “guilt” free, I’m a really sociable person, love seeing mates and holidays so for me this was important to get right.

So I said that when the nicer weather was coming back I’d be in!


Starting the outdoors training in March I was expecting it to be a bit hit and miss with the weather, but really I haven’t even noticed, the training is so engaging varied and fun, I just crack on with it and get warmed up quickly.

I’ve had the opportunity to re visit a few lost gymnastic skills of mine from back when I  was a kid, which has been quite self-inspiring, I thought that I’d never be able to do head stands, handstand or back bridges again as an adult, I’ve even managed to get back into pull ups !!

All of these re-ignition of skill, my confidence with my fitness has skyrocketed resulting in me getting back into my running also competing the Bedgebury 10k last Sunday, a beautiful run around Bedgebury forest, I got a bit of a neck twinge from that but Pete helped me rehab my neck on the fly in sessions the following week which was great!


So completing all of this and in five weeks losing 3 kilos/6.6 pounds (almost half a stone) in weight, my clothes fit better due to me losing  5 cm off my waist that’s almost 2 inches!

I would love to get the final reading after six weeks but I won’t be able to make this one, luckily Pete takes such regular readings!


I will definitely be back on the next one ready to take it to the next level!!

Turnbull Training, its benefits, and how it changed my life – Ben Windsor

I have recently just completed my fourth course with Turnbull Training, and I can honestly say without irony or overstatement, that it has absolutely and unequivocally changed my life.

I work as a teacher in a state-funded secondary in Hastings, and as many people may know, this brings its own challenges, with crazy workload, work schedule and huge dip in energy levels, mental state, mental acuity as well as a whole host of stress-related mental health obstacles.


It was due to this very reason why I decided to take the plunge and sign myself up for my first Turnbull Training course last year. After the first few sessions, I was absolutely shattered, but I began to notice that the high-intensity workout actually helped me tap into my natural energy reserves that I should have had, but was not able to access with the eat-sleep-work-repeat routine. I also found that my mental state had improved exponentially - I think this is in part due to the intense activity, especially outdoors which is clinically proven to help boost endorphins in the brain.

Due to this, I actually found that my all-around general attitude had improved, and this was a benefit that I was able to use in my day-to-day working life; because of my better mood, I found that my students responded to me in a more positive way, which in turn allowed me to work more effectively and helped me to be happier generally at work and in my personal life.

Another incredible benefit of taking part in the Turnbull Training courses is that my focus had also improved. Working in education means that every second is important, and no time can be wasted.


That lesson planning? Done.


Dozens of books need marking? Tricky but also done.

The course allowed my attention span to triple, maybe even quadruple, and the work I was doing in that space of time was of a far greater quality.

All of the above are just some of the mental benefits I noticed, but it would be folly for me to mention these, and not the physical aspects of what is after all a physical training course. Further to the mental benefits, I found my self-esteem increasing.


Rather than shying away from selfies and photographs with friend, and in particular long-length mirrors, I found myself actually beginning to see myself change, and I liked it. Watching myself earn and achieve a more athletic form, particularly with my chest and arms beginning to look and actually be more powerful-looking and imposing, and feeling that I am successfully making the transition from ‘porky’ to ‘beefy’.

Not to mention the feeling of camaraderie with the group – I would now never go back to training by myself (aside from the extra-curricular solo gym session), we are able to coach and encourage one another, and each meet-up is similar to a catch up with old friends over coffee, albeit with more high-intensity exercise.

I have also gained skill and balance in the way that I move around – ever the clumsy oaf in my old life, I feel I can move around with more precision and with a greater economy of movement. This in particular has given me the confidence to take on new challenges – such as regular sessions of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, something that I would never had even dreamed of trying before.

All of this was put into perspective very recently – foolishly I decided to take some time off from Pete’s training, with a view to ‘going it alone’. While relatively successful, I found that nothing I was able to do by myself even came close to the feeling of exercising outdoors with some of the most picturesque spots in Hastings as the backdrop.


Without this release and motivation, my self-esteem, happiness, mental state, self-image, all took a terrible nosedive. With this also came a significant ramp-up in workload which led to me feeling (and I never use this word unless in extreme circumstances) very depressed. Once I’d had enough of feeling like –in my words to Pete not long ago – a ‘sack of sh**’, I re-joined the course and felt its benefits immediately. A week after re-joining the group I have shaken off the blues and back to enjoying life, with the classes helping me to moderate my stress levels effectively.

However, this would not be a full testimonial without a few words about the man himself, Peter Turnbull. Now normally a ‘personal trainer’ is an early twenty-something hired on by a gym who continually presses the ‘speed up’ button on your treadmill while shouting platitudes in your ear. Not so with Pete.


He provides inspiration and encouragement through social media, often putting through hints and tips on how to keep up your regimen. Along with this, healthy recipes and the recent development of a hypnosis qualification which Pete uses to create meditations for his clients such as helping to increase your productivity and motivation with his latest one.

Most PT’s don’t last in the industry for more than a few years, but Pete has managed to be in this business for 10 years and counting. This speaks volumes about the way in which he inspires his clientele to be better than they were the time before, and as a result we all look forward to our next session to see how he will push us to be even better than we were the previous session.

For those who are craving some statistics to show you what I mean:


When I started the course, I was a hefty 95kg, which then reduced to 89.5kg. 6kg may not seem too impressive, but also consider that I put on 3kg of muscle mass during this course, as well as losing 1.5% visceral fat. I had also decreased my body-fat percentage from 16.2% to a slim and trim 10%, echoed by losing 11cm from my waist. Not only this, but my metabolic age nose-dived from 19-12.

These are but a few of the things I have noticed about how my life has changed, not just in terms of how much weight I lost, muscle gained, body fat percentage achieved, but about the way in which I viewed the world and myself. I had always been a tubby child, bullied at school and with self-esteem so miniscule you could not see it through a microscope. However, I took control and soldiered on through to achieve a second-wind in life. You don’t have to play the hand you’re dealt, you can always change it.


Reader, take control now! It is never too late, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Don’t believe me?


Try it, and see how your life changes.

“What a great morning of training on the West Hill. Fabulous view of the sky and sea. Great cycling and throwing 4kg kettle bell. Such fun.! However very challenging too”

“I started PT sessions in the summer of 2016. I wanted to increase my cardio but was hampered by some very old advice to avoid high impact sport. At 50 years old I had not run since school. Pete worked with me (body and mind) to overcome my doubts and strengthen my weak knee that was holding me back. Not only did he get me sprinting for the first time in 35 years, but on 1/1/17 I did my first 10k...ever! I would highly recommend him. He knows his stuff!”

“I have been my fittest ever whilst training with Pete. The classes are lots of fun and ever changing so you don't get bored. The group is a lovely bunch so if you are worried about joining a group don't be, we r non clicky nicies :-)”

“Awesome classes with great variety tailored to all abilities! Pete knows his stuff & is a fab motivator. Only wish I had the time for more classes!”

“I've been training with Pete for almost a year now (in the group classes).I signed up when we moved to Hastings and haven't looked back. I have never stuck to a proper exercise regime before, but these classes have been so fun and so effective, it has been easy to stick with it. Pete knows his stuff, about nutrition as well as fitness, and I've learned a lot from him. Looking forward to continuing with him and the rest of the class this year.”

“Loved my first session very friendly no pressure and great range of fitness”

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