This Course teaches you the skills you need to transform the way you train yourself AND fuel yourself. Over six weeks you will train your body with 3 fitness training classes a week and your mind with a 2 phase nutrition plan, ebooks, workshops, fat loss seminar and 3 body scan weigh ins (beginning, middle and end results)


ALL clients who attended 90% of classes and came to the weigh ins and seminars:-Lost at least 5% body fat-Lost inches off their waste-Gained muscle-Still getting results now.

The transformation begins with you making the decision to attend classes and seminars, weigh ins and workshops. You will no doubt get results within the six weeks and feel motivated to keep coming back until you have reached your goals.


The six week programme is an ongoing course format with a week off inbetween. Keep going, stay motivated, keep getting stronger, be unstoppaBULL!


Weekly Seminar, workshops & 'Weigh ins': Saturdays from 9am, White Rock Hotel, Hastings Sea Front. *The weigh in involves a much more in depth body composition scan to check your actual fatloss, muscle gain, hydration and bone density as well as tape measurments for accuracy.


3 workout classes per a week : Monday, Wednesday and Friday Morning 6am-7am Or 9.30am-10.30am Meet points vary: Old Town/West Hill area, Hastings. 


These classes will suit beginners to intermediate fitness levels as the trainer will adjust the exercises depending on your ability.The classes are designed to make sure your fitness progresses throughout the course.

The workout classes will train your entire body. Each class will be slightly different, a combo of hiit, bodyweight/resistance exercises, strength & games.They are also designed to give you afterburn (E.P.O.C), keeping you burning fat for upto 48hrs after.

Everytime we bring on a new program we always improve the training methods, the information on the syllabus, so you and then can always keep upping your game.

Just ask any longtime members ! This next course you can expect to receive:​

•Access to 36 fun ,varied, and targeted for effectiveness training sessions @6am or 9.30am (can switch and swap or do both)(VALUE=36X7=£252)​

•Six body composition meetups and talks.(VALUE=6x7= £42)​ •Membership of the closed and private facebook social hub. (VALUE=PRICELESS)​

•Daily tips and motivations to attend sessions, to keep your head in the game.(VALUE=PRICELESS)​

•Coaching phone calls for extra support, extreme motivation.(VALUE=£50 per hour)​

•Added access to complementary RTT hypnosis Audios (google Marissa Peer).(VALUE=Over £350)​

•Super Stretching guide , keep you limber 24/7.(VALUE=£10)​ •Course curriculum in handy Guides.(VALUE=£49)​

•Seminars and workshops to teach you.(VALUE=£79 per Workshop )​

•Handy recipe guides.(VALUE=£20)​

•Home work outs for when you can’t get to sessions.(VALUE=£65)​ •10% off all other Turnbull Training Services

Over £900 in groundbreaking breathtaking value !!you get it for £125 !!! YOUR RESULTS = Priceless


The first meet up/weigh in is set for Saturday 11th January. 


* The images above are REAL Turnbull Training clients.


The 6 week courses are ongoing. 

Turnbull Transformation 6 Week Course

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