It's normal to have many questions here are some frequently asked questions and their answers right off the bat to help.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I'm fit enough ?

You don't need to be fit enough to start, after all no one ever starts out fit that's the point of training ! The only exception would be people in hospital or suffering from a serious physical condition. Turnbull Training will give you an in depth coaching call to begin with, and ongoing testing to ensure you are always improving. With regards to fitness level, Turnbull training has taken clients from the sofa to Triathlon in 6 months !

That seems like a lot of money for me to pay ?

The question really should be, if you are unfit can you afford not to get fit and healthy? It's a lot more expensive long term if you suffer from a lack of fitness later on in life and can't work, or have a really low quality of life. Many find when they actually look at WHAT they spend their money on already, that isn't serving themselves in terms of fitness, they can more than afford fitness training, for example some clients have reported to me they save easily £5000 a year by quitting smoking alone !

What kind of things will I be doing in the Personal Training Sessions ?

That's an understandable question, as sometimes people don't really know what Personal Training involves. There are many methods that Turnbull Training will use to get you exeptionally fit, probably too many to mention all of them here, however here's a short list of some examples : Please remember you will only be doing what you can do, or what I can train you to do, this will all be clarified in the coaching calls before hand when we draw up your program. High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T + Vo2 Max training) Functional Strength Training (Squat,Hinge,Twist,LungePush,Pull, Gait) Battle Ropes Sledgehammers Truck Tyre flips Slam Ball Strength Training (Bodyweight- Free weights, EPOC Training) Core Strength Training (Abs,Obliques, Stabilising muscle for balance) Power Training (Sled Pulls, Hill Sprinting, resistance sprinting, Sled Pushing) Padwork (Punching,Kicking,Elbowing, Ducking, Diving on the punch/Kick Pads) Mental Stamina Training (weather resistance (cold/heat/wind/ rain/mud/sea river/water) Upper body training (pullups pull up bars - monkeybars - gymnastic rings ) Weighted vest workouts (Light weghted vest to 30kg weighted vest) Barbell Workouts Dumbell Workouts Sandbag training (From light bags over varied terrain to extremely heavy bags the size of you to 150kgs) Suspension Training Parralettes (Dip Bar ) Calisthenics (gymantics based body conditioning) Power Yoga Outdoors Cycling, cross country - road biking Nordic Walking Sea swimming Balance work Stretching Running/ Sprinting - 800m 1500m 10k 20k 40k + Cross country Running Triathlon Training

What kind of things will I be doing in the group sessions the Dream Team sessions ?

That's a great question , Because you have the ability to create your own class based on what you and your group want you can mix and match may of the different activities, you can even extend the timeframe of your training to suit your needs. Some examples of the activities would be: Exercise to music Power Yoga Whole body conditioning Obstacle course training Group Padwork (punching kicking pads) Outdoors Bike Fitness Conditioning (like a spin class but harder) Sea-swimming + Fitness Conditioing Marathon Training Triathlon Training Bike Race Training Circuit Training Strength Training "Crossfit Style" friendly competitions the list is non exhaustive really, as I will help you figure out what's going to be the best way forward for your group, you can even pick your own music style, locations and times of day, classes can also be indoors if you choose.

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