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Over ten years ago I made the decision to help people get fitter and healthier, and to live better lives as a result.

Here we are today with quite a few client cases under my belt, it must be over a hundred by now ! 

Every year that goes by and with every new client I train or treat, I get better at what I do, if I have learned anything along the way its that no two people are ever the same and never require the exact same approach.

Also to keep learning as there is so much more to learn, I am very confident in my approach as a result.

It's very important to listen to your clients and really understand what makes them tick and where they want to be, its no good using a one size fits all approach.

I also love training alongside my clients and developing a strong bond with them, I usually will enter into the events they are training for for extra support where I can as this gives me great insight and is excellent support for them also.

CPD Continued Professional Development


*Karate Instructor training GKR (Gosoku-ryū) Karate 1 year Essex

*Qualified in NPLQ national Pool and lifeguard qualification and first aid- 1 week intensive training

*English and P.E teaching in Indonesia 2 years

*Qualified in Perisai Diri (Personal Shield) Penchat Silat Level Sabtu (One) National Martial art of Indonesia - Indonesia

*Qualified in Level 2 Teaching Exercise to music and teaching health and fitness + human anatomy  - City Literature College Holborn London (Reps 2)

*Qualified in Level 2 Teaching health and fitness in a gym based setting - Sussex coast college Hastings (Reps 2)

*Qualified in Sports Massage Therapy VCT  Level 3 - Diploma level (Reps3)

*Qualified in Nutrition Therapy - Level 3 Diploma level (Reps3)

*Currently Studying GP Referal Level 3 (Reps3)

*Currently Studying  Level 3 Award in Designing Pre and Post-Natal Exercise Programmes

*Currently Studying Lower Back Pain Managment Level 4 (Reps4)

*Currently Studying Level 4 Certificate in Physical Activity and Weight Management for Obese and Diabetic Clients

Races and Event Times

Hastings Half marathon 13.5miles

19/03/2017Hastings Half Marathon - Main EventMen 18-39  01:58

20/03/2016Hastings Half Marathon - Main EventMen 18-39 03:54 (Supporting run with client time)

23/03/2014Hastings Half Marathon - Main EventMen 18-39  01:39

Bewl Triathlon Sprint  750m Swim  - 25 mile Bike Ride - 5km Run -

 Peter Turnbull 30-34 Turnbull Training 1:57

 2018  This year Hastings Half marathon 13.5miles (Time to beat 01:39 !)

Adolescent sports History

*Shotokan karate - Graded to brown two stripe, one belt before black belt - Wanstead -Essex

*Rugby under 16's Wanstead RFC  - Essex

*Played rugby for Twynham Secondary School and Brentwood county high school - Essex + Bournmouth

*Karate  Wadō-ryū 2 years 

*Played rugby for Upper Clapton RFC age 16 - 17 / suffered an injury to tibialis  anterior - Essex

Extra Waffle ?


If you have come this far and you are still curious then I will use this time to waffle on about myself some more.

I have been no stranger to injury, or even unfitness.

Plagued with both of these maladies at various stages of my life and yet have managed to overcome them !

When I was a young man(I'm 35 now ) I used to smoke and drink party and eat junk food, I used to party hard and quite constantly !

I was a typical party animal and no doubt about it my fitness performance was suffering. At the time however I would never have seen the connection between those facts.

So I suffered, first was with an injury to my Tibialis Anterior, this is the muscle that its primary function is to flex the foot upward (Dorsi Flexion). without this muscle functioning properly you would get that flat footed flapping effect as you walk, like a duck.


This was quite an odd injury as it prevented me from walking for a fast pace for a duration of time, so this would make it impossible sometimes to walk fast to catch a train or bus for example and when it seized up I would be sofa bound in excruciating pain.


Another odd thing about this injury is I found that I could run without affecting this muscle, as it turns out you don't use your Tibialis Anterior quite so much when you run.  

I suffered with this injury for all the years of my young adult life until I learnt how to fix it with what I know now in my studies.

Another Injury that I had was a groin hernia and yet again I suffered with this chronically for over ten years, in quite an embarrassing location I kept on putting off getting it operated on, when I did it took one day and a couple of weeks recovery.

The surgeon and the team at Conquest Hospital did a great job.

I even still manged to hold a fitness class the day after , skipping certain exercise examples and directing more with my voice.

The amount of relief I experienced was tremendous, I had then only just realised how much I had been putting up with over time.

The last of these maladies I managed to put to rest finally was my contradictory lifestyle habits.

I was a fitness instructor who still smoked early on !?

And went out every night for bevvies down the town!

All the while making excuses like, "ah one wouldn't hurt" - Turned to four or more ! Or "Well I can still run a Marathon".

"Yeah but I'm still strong I'll just burn it off".

I realsied the hard way that actually you can only keep that up for as long as your body will allow it, and then comes the crash !

So I would say I definitely had a case of adrenal fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome, or the dreaded "Trainer Burnout !".

Compounded by a very physical job and also by really unhealthy lifestyle choices, wrong foods, wrong supplements, smoking drinking long nights out. Burning the candle at both ends.

I didn't believe the standard information of a decline of testosterone at the age of 30 but I experienced it first hand and it is a real eye opener.

It's basically borderline depression, if not actual depression.

Luckily I just saw it as another opportunity to learn about the complexities of the human body and mind, it could've sent me clear over the edge, yet I used it to learn more and improve myself personally and also as a trainer. 

The Training Grounds

Hastings UK 

Email: fitclubhastings@gmail.com

Tel: +44 07427653490

Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri: 7am - 10pm 

​​Saturday: 8am - 10pm ​

Sunday: Closed

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